Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Library Books and Manga

I'm addicted to youtube.  

Yes, I said it.  I am.  I watch so many great and helpful videos.  Dinner ideas, budgeting, organization, book reviews, book hauls, homeschooling.  You can find just about anything on there.  Lately I've seen one of the ladies I follow post her kids library book reads or just weekly reads.  She has younger children than I do but its still a cute idea.  I thought we could do that.  So I made our first video. 

The cool part is feedback.  The books she picked out weren't all the best for her age.  Someone commented and let me know so I pulled those books aside to read first.  The Alice series aren't really appropriate for her age.  The Wolf one was actually a great story and although someone had some reservations it I decided it was okay for her to read.  I actually kinda teared up.  I totally recommend it.  

Let me know, what do you think?  More library picks for the week with a little heads up about what is appropriate for a 9 year old?  

As always, I'm looking for manga recommendations for her age group. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Human Body - A Girls 4th Grade Mini Lesson

My 9 year old daughter has developed quite a bit of curiosity about the human body.  She isn't the type to ask a lot of questions.  She is the type to read books about them and then discuss what she finds questionable, relatable or interesting.

The American girl series has been one of her favorite go-to series.  You can find these here.  Our local library has most of them.  You could check yours.  I found a few online at the above link and a few used at a local bookstore.  They were a good beginner series for her.  Then she moved on to The Period Book.  This one is a bit more graphic and in detail.  Parents need to look at this book before you let your child.  I'm comfortable with her looking at it.

The last book I picked up for her brother but she commandeered was You: The Owner's Manual for Teens.  If you want inside pictures or a flip through, let me know and I will post one on youtube for everyone.  Its actually too big and detailed for her.  I think she just flips through it and picks up parts that she finds interesting.  As she grows older I think it will be more useful.

These books have led to body part discussions and more researching.  We have two body books that have big pullouts in them.  These were great.  One was big enough that she could lay beside it and it was the same size.  She refused to be in the picture. :)

Amazon has the Pull-out, Pop-up Body in a Book used for .4c (3.99 shipping) at the time of posting it.


The inside of the skeleton is awesome too.  There are flaps for the body organs.  We lifted and named most of the them.  We then talked about why one side was bone and the other was pink.  I explained they were muscles.

That was our mini (2 hours) lesson on girl health and the human body.
Hope you have a blessed week!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

On a Happy Note: Girl Scout bridging!

On a happier note (than my previous slightly depressing post), my girls had their girl scout bridging yesterday.  My youngest is in her second year of Brownies and my older daughter crossed over the bridge to a junior.  Very proud and happy for them.

It was a fun event with hayrides, sand art, the ceremony, lots of dessert foods, and then a balloon release to finish it off.  

Here is our balloon release. 

We are very blessed with a great troop leader and troop.

Difficult Choices... Real Life Rambling

I think a day is going to come soon when I have to chose between working and homeschooling my daughter.  I don't like to think about it.  I hope it doesn't happen but if something happens and their dad isn't able to work then I will need to provide income.  Unfortunately with homeschooling my son then when he went back to school I started with my daughter, I haven't been to an outside the home job in years.  In this economy with lack of jobs, low pays, and unfriendly family work hours, I'm scared.  Yes, you read that.  Scared.
Its one of those conversations we avoid.  I don't want to discuss it.  Fear that I would not make what he makes and be able to pay all of the bills (credit cards and household).  Everyone says pay down your credit card payments.  He is.  He handles the money.  I don't.  That's the way he has always wanted it.  I know what the bills are but he knows when he pays them and what he spends.
Wow, this turned into a really private kinda post quickly.

I hope that the choice doesn't come down to work or homeschool.  My daughter has intended to go back to school in middle school (two years from now).  I hoped we would manage that long then when she does I can go back to school and finish my degree or find a job with daytime hours while they are all at school.  I watch my friends schedule their days.  This person picks their kids up and that person keeps them until they get off.  Or they pay for them to go to afterschool programs until they get out of school.  I have nothing against that.  Nothing at all.  Paying for an afterschool program would defeat the purpose of me working unless their dad is out of work then he can pick them up.  Its very overwhelming to think about.

My oldest transitioned back into public school in 6th grade which is middle school here.  That was what he wanted.  Its been a struggle but he has stuck it out.  We've dealt with difficulties along the way.  We still do.  My daughter wants to do the same.  I'm okay with it.  I don't know how well she will transition but we will try as long as that is what she wants.  She has an audio-visual sensory issue.  She doesn't like noise, crowds or moving things.  At home she has to have quiet to work or have her head phones on to block the noise.

Am I rambling?  Maybe I bit.  Might even be repeating myself.  So sorry.
I'll quit now.  Just a rambling real life moment there.  

Is this a common fear amongst homeschool moms?
Anyone else going through similar?
How do you manage?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Real confession time..

Sometimes I look on facebook and see all these posts with parents and happy teens taking selfies or doing cool stuff... and frankly I feel like a failure.  My mood swing happy teenager doesn't like to do these things.  He hates going out and doing things.  Shopping?  OH heck no.  Skating? Are you trying to kill me MOM?   Walking at a local beautiful park?  Uhm not a chance.  Swimming?  HAHAHAHA.  Sit at home and play Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed?  Okay see ya later mom, have fun.  Sometimes I am even brave and drag him out of the house.

Today I took (cough cough.. DRUG) him and his sisters to a local beautiful walking park nature preserve.  I mean it's shaded, has water access, lots of bridges, and its great.  Who could ask for more?!

See, isn't it gorgeous.

Nope, he wouldn't even walk with us.  Parked his self on a picnic table and read for the whole hour.  But at least when we left, he was in a better mood.  Even joked.  Some days I wonder...

Then I remember I can't compare my life to the pictures people post on facebook.  They are moments in time.  We all have happy moments in time.  I will just keep trying.  Maybe next time.

How do you get your teen out of the house?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Our Homeschool Room Tour

Our homeschool room is now in use. :)
So I did a virtual tour for anyone interested.
Here it is.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Update on Homeschooling a Bipolar Child - Transition into Public School

Its been a long time since I posted the homeschooling a bipolar child article.  I would say its time for an update.

My son is now going into 10th grade in public high school.  He homeschooled from mid-1st grade through 5th grade.  Around 4th grade he asked me to let him go back in middle school.  We discussed it.  I had always said I wanted him to go to high school if he wanted.  I thought the variety of classes and shorter classes would work better for his ADHD.  In a way it was.  In a lot of ways it wasn't.  We struggle on a week to week basis.  With his ADHD he craves a lot more social interaction and activities than the homeschool community in our area provides.  And honestly last year was the first time I actually became aware that there is a homeschool co-op in our area.  A very small one.  Public school provides that interaction.  The problems start with the bipolar kicking in.  His moods are a bit scary for other kids I assume.  He can be happy and joking around then mad as a hornet.  Its progressed into punching a wall and breaking his hand twice in middle school.  Middle school was rough.  I do not recommend sending your child to middle school.  That is my opinion.  Do what you will. :)
So far high school has been easier.  It may also be due to his age and maturity.  Things are calming down.  We've tweaked medication and had visits with the guidance counselor.

I am very glad I homeschooled him.  I can look back on those years with fondness now.  I can say that being home helped him develop manners and his intelligence.  I'm sure all those years were not always fun.  Matter of fact I know there was stressful days and I quit days.  I wouldn't take them back.   Some days I miss it and think it would be nice to have him back home.  But for now he is doing well.  Three more years and he will graduate.  How time flies.

For now I will homeschool my middle daughter and be happy that I have this experience with her.  I will also cherish my youngest daughter.  Didn't want you to think I was leaving her out. :)

Also.. if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.  I will try to answer as best as I can.

Blessed Be.