Monday, May 25, 2009

The Remodeling Homeschooling Frustrated Mom!

As this is my first post, you may want to know a quick bit about my family. There is me and my other half plus three kids. My other half has three other children too though they do not live with us. We recently moved into our first house together and have been slowly redoing things to make our home ours. My oldest is 9 and he is homeschooled. He has been diagnosed with ADHD but I am still trying to find a better counselor who can work with us to make sure of this. My other two are girls and are age 2 and age 3. I don't work. Unless you count teaching and taking care of three very active kids! Its doesn't end at 3 or 5 pm like it would if I worked. Eventually I do plan to go back to work but with the economy being what it is, I'm sure it would be hard to find one anyway right now.

We have started the remodeling process in our kitchen. It is the worst room you can remodel with kids EVER. We are being rushed! Everything seems to be done now or yesterday yet my other half still has to work. We have removed most of the wall dividing our kitchen and living room to make a more open floor plan. Five different contractors have assured us that it is not a load bearing wall. If the beams in the attic run the opposite way as the wall, it is not a load bearing wall. But today we took out stud number 7 and the ceiling sagged a quarter of an inch. Scared me to death but after a panicked call to our contractor, he said it was common to do that but recommended that if we needed peace of mind they could install more support!
Unfortunately that will have to wait until the cabinets, counter tops, and floor get put in. That is happening this weekend. I'm excited to see my new kitchen but not happy with the rush and inability to get everything in place. We haven't even had time to get the electrical moved. Grr.
No time to paint the walls either. The list of things that need to be done seems to get longer not shorter. Breath in and Breath out.

This is our last week of homeschooling before summer officially begins. But I do plan to slowly work our way through the Spectrum Gr 3 Review Book to make sure we covered the basics before we move on to "4th" grade next year. All the while getting work picked out and a course of study lined up for next year. This has been our second year at home. Each summer I vow that we will be more organized and learning will be more fun. I vow that now. But reality gets in the way. We learn and have fun. We lapbook and we take field trips. We read and we make up stories. Some days are planned to a T and other days are more spontaneous. I am as ready for this break as he is.

I need to put some time and attention in potty training my girls. I was told (haha) that girls are supposed to be easier to potty train. My girls have decided that the norm is too boring and they wanna be outside that box. Unfortunately it means they totally dislike all potties and I mean ALL. We have three different potties here and that isn't even including the two normal toilets in the bathrooms. No way. My 3 year old is nicknamed Quickdrawl and she wears pull ups but will not sit on a potty without a fight! My 2 year old who is nicknamed Angeleyes won't even let you put a pullup on her but will sit on the potty sometimes. Its frustrated and I need to focus more on potty training with them. But I'm running out of ideas on what to try. We've did the potty training DVDS. Even tried the girl potty training movie with cartoon characters. They just turned the TV off and walked away. We have potty books that make flushing sounds. Quickdrawl has a potty in her room. I have even tried letting her wear underwear. She wouldn't even tell me when we wet her pants. Sigh. I guess when they are ready they will but I really am over paying 20 bucks for a box of 70 diapers and 15 dollars for a bag of 30 pullups.

Okay I've vented and now I better get to bed. Tomorrow is homeschool and karate practice plus contractor calls! Yeah!

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