Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New School Year

We are about three weeks into the new school year. Summer was a bit stressful with all the work going on with the house. Bad thing is its still going on. But me and the kids are staying downstairs and trying our best to see how much we can learn while still having some fun.

So here is the things I am using or plan to use. Subject to change at a moments notice.. lol

Story of the World Vol 1 (History)
Apologia - Botany (Science)
Math u see - Delta
Copywork is poems
English workbooks.. various ones from Brighter Child and McGraw
These include grammar wbs and reading comprehension wbs
Success in Spelling 4th
Required reading - 30 minutes a day

I am using a couple different book lists for his reading lists along with books he takes an interest in. Currently he has discovered the Captain Underpants series.
While I dislike the stories, he adores them and has read 4 in one week. Anything that can keep his attention like that (and isn't uhm.. illegal or just horrible) is okay with me. Besides at this rate we should be over this by next week! lol

AHHHH.. I know I am leaving out some vital thing that he NEEDS to know but I can never put my finger on it. But he's smart and creative so I think we will figure it out as we go!

I am having him re-evaluated for his ADHD at a nice place. They are taking time to do testing. Two days worth actually. Then they will give me a report. Haven't had a counselor do that yet. So it will be interesting to see what they say. Maybe I can get something who can help me figure out how to calm him down and work on his anger issues! Wow. Can you imagine a day of peacefulness!!!

Not with toddlers! My two girls are wanting to "school" too. It involves crayons, flashcards, educational toys, mommy's scissors and lots of other brightly colored objects. Its actually fun working with my girls on their colors and shapes. My oldest is really into dot-to-dots right now. I have a notepad full of shapes I've drawn for her to do. lol She keeps me busy. We are still working on potty training. My youngest actually is doing well in this area! I hope she keeps it up. I'm a proud mommy!

I love my kids!
But I better get in bed so I can get up early to do some school and go pick up some newly made stairs for the house!

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