Monday, September 7, 2009

New Kitchen Floor

So... We've been rolling nicely on school (yeah) and still working on the remodeling of the house. Its been stressful but nice to see the finished product. School is similiar to remodeling. You may struggle and erase and fix and reread but its great when you get it right! So far we've been working hard on the Apologia Botany. DS was soooooo proud of his experiment. We did a lesson on seeds and how they germinate. He had to place three seeds in baggies with a wet paper towel. One in the fridge, one in the closet, and one taped to the window. In just five days the one taped up grew over four inches long! I took him to Walmart and bought a big bag of veggie dirt so he could plant it. I'm not sure how it will fair yet. I need to look up when planting season is for beans but he's happy and it looks healthy! Amazing what kids can do!

While this was going on, our kitchen floor has been installed. Its in now but still needs to dry tonight then cleaned up tomorrow! I'm soooo glad to have a floor again! Oh and for a house warming present (a bit late but none the less appreciated!) we got a ........................... NEW Black Samsung Double door fridge. Its supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I'm so excited. I think the fridge excites me more than the floor! lol Now I can cook AND have leftovers!

I'll have to get some pictures up tomorrow!
Good night

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