Friday, October 16, 2009

Gallon man project

Soooo we have been doing Math-u-See for 2 years now. This year we are on the Delta book!
It is introducing alot of concepts that require him to memorize. Such as area, cups, gallons, miles, yards, and feet. The gallons, cups, pints and such have given him a bit of a fit. He has
a bit of trouble keeping things in his mind like this. But I remember a while back I had come across a teacher's blog or website that had mentioned her class making a "gallon man" so I went on a search and found a printable one! You can find it here if you want the pdf of it. I did edit it so that I didn't use color ink to print it. I printed it on construction paper and card stock. He enjoyed putting it together and now he has a visual aid to remind him.

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