Friday, October 16, 2009

Watercolor painting and "sunnyday"

Yesterday I stumbled across a blog with watercolor lessons.
I thought that would be a good addition to our homeschooling
(and add a little something fun for my son). So of course I lost
the blog link! But I started googling and found THIS link instead.
It inspired me and the kiddos to try our hand at it!

Quickdrawl's artwork

My son is off to a good start!

This is my attempt.

Quickdrawl has a very unique way of telling whether it is day
or night time. The funny thing is she knew what it was way
before I knew she knew! Shes been saying sunnytime or
moontime for weeks when I finally caught on to what she is
saying. So sunnytime is daylight and moontime is nighttime!
Smart girl!

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