Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Into the Swing of It

So we are slowing getting back into the swing of it. Actually we've had it a bit easier than I expected. We began our journey into medicine for ADHD. I'm not sure what to expect but its actually slowed down his outbursts and need to move/make noise. He's still talkative and hyper and moody but I realize that is his personality. Its a slow process in which mistakes are made and notes are taken. Things can and usually are changed to make adjustments. Whatever it takes to make him feel better and to make life a little easier for us all.

That said we are completely STUCK on division. He is soooo frustrated with division. If he could curse, he would and that word would pop up somewhere in that sentence. So I skipped... oh about 20 pages.. of our math-u-see book to move on to Volume. Much much better. I could hear the sigh of relief. Not just from him or me but everyone else in the house!

We are doing good on our book challenge. He's ready 15 books this month!!!! I'm a little behind. More like 7... maybe 8. Cross my fingers. If I were counting kids books, I would hit 100 by next week. We are potty training the little girls! I should say I am. I sit next to them and read. We are making our way through my four shelves of kids books and quite a few of the libraries shelves as well. Hope that they are potty trained soon or I may start permanently rhyming!

I've found another place to check into for karate for my son. We started a while back with another place here in town. Soooo disappointed in that place. He would love to have the physical outlet karate provides and I would love to see him learn some obedience and training that it offers. If all goes well and this place is good enough, my daughter will join also since she will be turning 4 this February!!! Both the girls turn a year older this February!

I think I will finish with my current reading.

Swimsuit by James Patterson

Very good book as all of his books are. A light read for me. A killer who films his killing for the
viewing of a select bunch of wealthy individuals is having his story written by someone he has basically kidnapped. Very twisted and keeps you saying, "WHAT!".

My past reads for the month have been paranormal romance and urban fantasy reads so this
was a nice change from that. But don't think my next book won't be by Patricia Briggs or some other wonderful paranormal author!

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