Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter break is over.. boo!

So our winter break is over. The kids say boo. The weather says boo too. It insists on the cold and the snow! Sigh. Its card to concentrate on botany and division when your toes are freezing through your socks. We homeschool in our finished basement large room. Its nice and comfy and all of our homeschool things are there (aka hundreds of books and a pantry full of crafty stuff). But I'm thinking we may be taking the school stuff that we need and heading upstairs until this weather decides to warm up. Why is it that a whole upstairs can be warm and toasty and the downstairs is always at least 5 degrees colder??!! And just for the record I did call and let the company who installed our wonderful central heat and air know about that last winter! This year I'm better prepared and have been driving everyone nuts with random rugs here or there! So today was a recover and prep day. We had to recover all the things we stopped on before break and prep for what will come this week. I made a few changes in our schedule/curriculum that we needed to talk about. I use Math u See and I'm thinking next year I may try something else. Its very repetitive! We like it to a degree but he gets aggravated doing the same thing for 10 pages. I can't blame him. It would annoy me too. So it went okay today. Got things straightened out and everything pretty much lined up as to what he needs to do each day.

Besides school we are starting on our resolutions this year.
We are joining an Olympic Book Challenge.
It can be found here:

I haven't decided if I will just blog about it here or make a new blog just for reading and books.
As a book collector and reading addicted person, I might NEED a whole blog just for it!

I also resolve to catalog all of our personal library! If you've seen my library you know what a
big job that can be! I've already started that one! Fun Fun.

Our (my) last resolution is to exercise more and limit my caffeine. So I sit here with water bottle in hand and Ab lounger behind me, I wonder if I've lost my mind. Probably but if I can lose some of my weight with it, I might let it go.


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  1. Ha isn't it funny how cool a basement can get? Sounds like you have your work cut out ahead of you, you go girl! Have an amazing year!