Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Break

We are on summer break but it is getting close to time to start school back up. This year we will be learning at 5th and 6th grade level for my son and pre-k for my oldest daughter.

We have a better diagnosis instead of just ADHD for my son. A couple different things were added. He's began taking medications to help. Medicine #3 is what we are on now. Hoping it will help! We have also discovered that my son (10 years old) has high blood pressure and my fiancee has very high triglycerides. I honestly have no idea what triglycerides are but I am determined to learn all about it and how to help lower it. Science lesson anyone?

Our garden yielded alot of tomatoes this year. I think we tend to overdo it on the tomatoes. We had broccoli at the beginning of the summer but it grew really tall and seems to be blossoming so I don't think we will be getting anymore. The bell peppers are coming in now. We enjoyed a couple apples from our tree but the peaches are small and spotted. We sprayed them with fruit tree spray but it doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe it is still too young to really be producing. Also found out one of the trees that came with our property is a plum tree! None of the fruit made it but know we now its there! We had tons of blackberries and a few raspberries. Its been a good summer but HOT. The temperature has been in the high 90s and low 100s since spring. Ready for it to cool off!

Back to cleaning, sorting, and doing some prep work. We are starting to work on our three month supply food challenge. So lots of organization and prepping to do.

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