Sunday, August 29, 2010

Early Mornings

Late nights and early mornings make for a very tired mommy. At least the kids are getting in bed earlier! School is in full swing now. Going on week 4 so far and doing pretty good. Trying to get everyone on their routine. Big sister and big brother I think have their routine down. Now its time to figure out one for little sister. Thinking that some preschool fun time should begin!
We've covered just about every aspect of art you can imagine for a 4 and 3 year old. We read all the time, do puzzles. She went from board puzzles to 24 piece puzzles. Doing great there! I think we may play a little lapbook of shapes. Yeah, that sounds fun.

My son is working on the human body in science. Last week we covered the systems. Circulatory, respitory, muscles.. you get the idea. Still working on that. We have a large floor puzzle that will be a nice addition to our lessons. The human body is such a fun thing to get into. Of course, when you are 10 and all you want to do is go see what that little human body next door you call friend is doing.. its not so fun! haha
I'm doing a little looking online for some things to make it interesting. Came across this site with Powerpoints.

My son and I have found a series that we are reading together! The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.
Its a survival story for boys. I love anything survival personally and to have him enjoy it too. YEAH! lol A very nice lady in one of my online groups told me it was part of a series so I will be buying them up to read next. I also plan to use parts of the literature unit here as we go along.
Here is the books and the order:

The Hatchet
The River
Brian's Winter
Brian's Return

I think it is a great way to get young boys back outside and into nature. My son is addicted to the DSI, xbox, Wii and computer. I realize that by providing these things that I am basically an enabler (though I do share blame with well meaning family members). Technology is great and awesome but so is knowing the basics. In our area, we have been unable to find a good boy scouting or spiral scouts program so I feel obligated (grin) to do a little teaching on my own. I do wish that the male here were more outdoorsy and sportsy but I do love him anyway.

I just realized that it is getting late here and I need to get up a little early in the morning. My oldest daughter (4) has her first school pictures tomorrow. We spent an hour shopping at three different stores to find an outfit she likes! She would rather wear shorts and a tshirt but I managed to talk her into a dress with shorts underneath! Will have proud mama pictures tomorrow.
Have a good night.

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