Friday, September 24, 2010

Doubting Homeschooler

Sometimes as a homeschool parent, I doubt myself and I know that many others feel the same at some point. Sometimes I doubt that we do enough school work or they are not learning everything they need to know. Lately I worry about him being around other kids. Its a hard debate. I want him to have friends. Neurologist says he has elements of Asperger's Syndrome making it even more difficult for him to relate to kids his age. His reactions are extreme. If neighbor boy can't play because he has football practice, my son takes it personal. Then after the crying jag about how no one wants to play with him, it starts into an anger at me for not letting him play football. Uhm yeah no interest before neighbor boy started playing. Soon we will put him back into karate so hopefully that will slow that down a bit. Anyway, on those days I wonder if I shouldn't put him back into school. Then I hear something on the news about a shooting or budget cuts and how the kids are affected. With children that need that extra time or effort, these "budget cuts" mean less time and less material or help. Thoughts of this and that roam through my head. What is best for my kids though is the only really important thing. So I will try to get out more and let him go to the park to play. I will try harder to find a place for him to practice karate. (This town is SMALL.)

All week all I've heard is how I'm a mean mom for making him do all of those 25 problems in math. But today he got up and found that since I've been sick all week, I only gave him math correction work (that was over 25 problems!!) and reading for an hour, I got a different reaction. He sat straight down and started work. Not one complaint or arguing.
We talked over the problems he missed on one sheet since he missed 12 of 25 (mom was slacking that day being sick and all). He told me he's glad he is homeschooled and wants to continue doing so. It was a very nice thing to hear after dealing with so many doubts lately.

I'm sure my post is a bit choppy and I apologize. Its been a rough week and I'm still on the meds. I think it may be time for the next dose.

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