Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art and Math

I've been taking pictures and meaning to post them on the blog. I enjoy sharing our work with other people and I hope that someone else enjoys seeing it. :)

So we started Art back up. Lack of inspiration was what stopped us last time. But this time I am determined to keep it going if they like doing it. My son said he didn't like art because all he could draw is stick figures. So I found an art book that started with stick people and taught you how to transform them into more life like characters. We started that and went all the way to facial expressions. I am happy to say that his people look a lot better now. :)

Maybe not perfect but my son has more self-confidence now in his ability. And that makes me happy.

I am disappointed in that I misplaced the book after our last lesson. But I came across another one that teaches you to draw a Alien cartoon. We did that one with great success. There is more in that series that I think we will keep doing. :) His is the yellow and the green one by itself. Mine is the sheet on the far right. Of course mom was in on the fun!

So that has been are latest adventures in art.

I found a great math game online called Add It. Confessions of a Homeschool Mom made this cute game and uploaded it for her blog fans to use. I totally recommend you go check out her blog! I adore it. So I made this game for my daughter today and surprised her with it tonight. She loves it! Pushed her bedtime back a bit but it was worth it to watch her adding away!
Just realized it might be hard to really see the game since its upside down. lol

But you can see that she is enjoying it!

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