Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flu and Birthdays.. Never a Good Combination

We've gotten the dreaded flu virus here. It started with a stomach virus my daughter picked up at school. Somehow it transfered to me and her two siblings and morphed into the flu. Go figure. So not much has been done last week. The girls' had birthdays recently that we didn't get to have a fun celebration for since we suspected that the victims .. I mean guests.. wouldn't care too much for their parting gifts. But we did finally give up and pile all the presents in the floor for a really fun unwrapping party! No cake, though, since there is still tummy trouble in the house.

Here is a little of the fun!

I even managed to surprise my son with a couple things I picked up for him. Didn't want him to feel left out. Its been a long, tiresome week. Even with everyone sick, we have still had to run here and there, do this and that. Doctors appointments, speech appointments, school stuff. I will be very glad when Saturday gets here! You won't be catching me up early!

Even though I plan to sleep Saturday and rest, Sunday I do have a couple things I want to do. I plan to make a batch of breakfast goodies McMom's Breakfast Sandwiches for the Freezer that I found on Homesteading Homemaker's blog.

My fiancee found a job (woohoo) so I have more things to do, less help, but hopefully more income. Having breakfast sandwiches that he can grab on the way out the door will help keep his spending down. :) Plus it will free me up from making breakfast and the kids can help themselves. Well the big one can and I'm sure the little ones will catch on quickly! So I think this will be worth the time to do. Her blog is really fantastic. Lots of great ideas on stretching money and great recipes.

Have a good night. And hopefully you won't have to experience to joys (cough cough) of the flu.


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