Friday, March 4, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

First let me say, I'm not a huge craft person. I don't like running to the store to buy this little gidget or that little gadget just to do a craft with the kids. If an idea has more things on it that I don't have on hand than I do then I just won't do it. Call me lazy. But with three kids and a tight budget, that's life. So here are some ideas that I plan to do. Probably with adjustments according to what I have on hand or have easy access too. :)

Link to basic shamrock printable here.

Here's a gift for the kids to make for dad or to wear. A St. Patrick's Day Tie! Too cute!
We made this one and loved it!

We are making Shamrock Garlands. Similar to the chains you make at Christmas. Here is an example of one using felt. I think we are planning to stick to paper or construction paper as we don't really work with felt much. Perhaps that will be something to try in the future.

Another really cute idea that we made! Handprint Leprechauns.

I love crafts that involve toilet paper rolls. Everyone has them lying around or if not it doesn't take long to get one (especially in my house!).
So here is a really cute shamrock craft using a toilet paper roll.

I love ideas.  You can comment or share links to your blog posts on all things St. Patrick's Day below.

Be Blessed.

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