Friday, April 15, 2011

How Salt Beds Form Experiment

Today's post is by a very special guest blogger! My very own son. He patiently waited for the salt bed to form. So I thought he would be the best one to write this blog. So here is my son's first blog. Enjoy!

This is the book I was using to find out how salt beds are made, 

This is step one. First, I put four tablespoons of salt in 
a jar with one cup of water.

Second, I put the salt in the jar of water.

This is what happened to the salt and water after a month or so.
This is what the side evaporation of the salt in the water looked like.
This is the outside view of the salt looked liked
Another picture of the inside looked like. (My mom is a camera freak.)
Okay, my mom really is a camera freak. This experiment was really fun.I liked it. Science is my favorite subject. I recommend this book to people who like science, the solar system, and flat out science.

Well, there is my son's thoughts on our experiment.  (LOL) 
Hope you enjoyed the mini-lesson.  He's already asked to create his own blog.  
Maybe we will see more by him.

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