Sunday, June 26, 2011

Parenting Style and advice...

Do I have parenting advice?  Not really.  I feel you parent how it is comfortable for you.

Lately I've been given A TON of parenting and schooling advice from well meaning pain in the butts.  I enjoy a stimulating conversation about parenting or dealing with specific issues.  I do not enjoy being criticized or told how to parent my children.  My cousin has three children the same ages as mine.  We are totally different in the parenting and discipline department.  It was an emotional and tense conversation.  And while I don't agree with most of the conversation I did come away with one good discipline tip.

 She said with her kids she makes her punishment match the crime.  If her child throws a rock at a car,  she will make her pick up all the rocks in the area for an hour.  If the rocks get finished before the hour is up, then she will pour the rocks back out and tell her to keep going.  Now this seems harsh.  In my view, its less harsh than taking a belt or hand to your child's backside.  Plus it teaches consequences to the action.  A long time ago my son had a really bad habit (which has just started back up) of running up and down the two sets of stairs we have in our house.  He jumps down several stairs at a time and ends up sliding and getting hurt.  For a while I made him walk back up and down the stairs TEN times for every time he ran down the stairs.  He stopped running.

I also learned another lesson.  Check INSIDE blankets before pulling them out of closets.  I pulled a blanket out last night and now have a broke toe and purple foot.

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