Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cardboard Box Repurposed into Cute Storage

Tonight my daughters decided they wanted to build with a big thing of Lincoln Logs.  Unfortunately they were located right beside my desk which means no moving in my chair or we would have some pinched fingers.  So being a good mother (and wanting to move around in my chair) I relocated them to the other side of the room.  This prompted a search for a basket to hold the Lincoln Logs.  I couldn't find anything big enough.  So I got creative.

I started with this.  A box and princess wrapping paper.

 I chose to use a hot glue gun to glue it down.  It was as easy as wrapping a present.  Just fold, cut and tuck until you have the whole box covered.  Then I traced and cut a piece big enough for the inside.

Here is what it looked like after all that cutting, tucking, and gluing.  :)
The one other thing I did was tape all the loose edges and the corners.

Here is the how the box sits on the bookshelf.  Can you tell its a box?  My girls love it.
And it was really inexpensive.  I had everything already on hand.

Just thought I would share.  Hope you get creative too.  I would love a link if you have done something similar.  :)

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