Friday, May 4, 2012

Gardening and Reading

Sometimes I wish my children were old enough to drive. (Only 4 more years on one of them!)  Why??
So I can read.  I love being able to sit in the car with a book in my lap.  My other half HATES when I do that.  So I sit and wait for the day when all my child wants to do is drive mom around.  (hahahaha)
Hey!  A girl can dream can't she!
And man am I reading one book that is hard to put down!  Its also really hard to find time to read it.  I can't pick it up in front of the kids and read it like I normally would do.  That would be so not comfortable.  Asking why yet?  Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.  I started a couple days ago after my daughter's preschool teacher borrowed it from another mom in the class.  And me, being the nosy book person, needed to know why she was hiding the book under her jacket.  So, of course, I asked!  Glad I did.  Yummy.  I can understand the feeling of needing to hide the book.  Only if you are just looking at the cover it doesn't look like anything special.  Just a normal fiction book.  But inside... inside is a different world of pleasure.  Yep, I said pleasure.  Now some are going to disagree.  I've read many different negative reviews of this book.  Positive too.  But if you have an open mind (and a pulse!) then this book is steamy.  Of course this is not my first steamy book.  I'm a regular fan of Elora's Cave.  If you follow this link, be aware these are adult novels!  Just a head's up.  That is a link to some free short stories.  lol  After reading so many children books each week, this is a nice grownup book to read!  Always nice.  You can only read about so many cuddly bears and cartoon characters.  If you are more interested in the kids books we read, here is a link to our goodreads page where we list each book we read as a family and what we think of it.

Its spring time here in Tennessee.  We are gardening and planting every weekend now.  I have two different vegetable garden beds so far.  I need more!  One raised garden bed is all tomatoes.  One is cucumbers, cantaloupe, squash and watermelons.  We have tons of fruit trees now.  I have a back porch full of seedling and plants that need planted.  Only problem is I have a devil of a time planting in my ground.  We have that red clay you associate with Tennessee.  Oh yeah, tons.  You till it up and as soon as you plant a row its all hard again.  I probably have more bags of Miracle Grow dirt than regular dirt in my gardens!  Last year my mom bought a truck load of manure for her garden beds.  I am seriously weighing the pros and cons of doing so this year.  Smell vs. Better Soil.
Want to see some pictures of my garden?
Well!  Glad you asked.

Ah.. I love spring. (and great books!)

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