Friday, December 7, 2012

Being frugal.. thoughts and rambling

Have you ever tried to explain to someone how your household makes it on one income?  Or how you can be a single parent and still pay bills in a time when it takes two people working to pay all the bills?  Ever tried to explain how you are "frugal" without making the person think you are scrooge or just plain crazy?

This morning I have a phone interview and I suspect that one of the topics will be on how I manage on so little money. So I have been really thinking about what it means for me to be frugal.

Frugal.  So here are a few things I do.  I coupon.  Not extreme couponing like they do on tv.  No I don't have the patience or awesome stores around here like that.  Just enough to buy in bulk when things go on sale.  I stretch my money as far as I possibly can. Am I religious about it?  No.  Some days you just need to stop and grab a pizza for the kids because its just been that kinda day.  I also know how to make things when I run out.  For example.  I have been watching the sales ads for laundry soap.  I haven't seen a stock up price so instead of paying more than I am willing for a small bottle... I made my own.  A few years ago I exclusively made my own laundry soap.  We have alot of skin sensitivities in this family (mostly me).  So I already had the needed items on hand.  Here's another thing I do.. When I buy things like this (washing soda and borax),  I buy TWO of each so that the next time something pops up I have it on hand.  Frugal?  You decide.  Having it on hand when I was broke?  Positively a life saver.   Want to try it?  Here is the link I used when I first started.
Awesome page.  Lots of pictures.  I don't know about you but I need pictures to help me! lol
Another example of making it myself.  Thanksgiving dinner.  I am cooking.  Knee deep in with things boiling, smoking, heating up all around me.  What do I discover??  No canned cream of mushroom soup!  OF course!  Never fails.  So I bring in my 12 year old son and put him in front of a sauce pan.  Open my made from scratch recipe book I have been putting together for quite some time.. and put him to work.  Easy, quick and delicious.  My son mixed his finished product in the green bean casserole we were making and we were done!  If you don't have a made from scratch recipe book, start one!  Its a life saver.  Think of all the things you buy at the store, then start searching recipes.  Make sure you try them out.  :)   If you need ideas, pinterest is my favorite go to site.  Here is my board with all my homemade recipe that I want to try.  

Well its almost time for my phone call, so I better wrap up my post and get ready.  If you would like to see more posts about being frugal, what I do, or just anything in particular.. Just give me a comment about what you would like to see!  I will be happy to see what I can do.

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