Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An ebook review! I know right. The Princess Sisters

May contain spoilers!!!!

In my last post I mentioned I was reading an ebook that somewhere along the line I downloaded.  Probably because I love the cover photo.  Isn't it awesome?!

The Princess Sisters.  Book one of a series.  Since I didn't have a back of a book to read I read this description on goodreads.

The only thing she stands to lose are her shoes.

Cinderella is an ordinary teenage girl, with an extraordinary name. But because of that name, she and her cousins, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White suffer years of torment from their peers. Then as the girls enter high school and the enticing world of dating, a life-altering decision must be made. Is it finally time to stop fighting, and surrender to the fairy tale clich├ęs that have been holding them back? By embracing their names, the girls discover an inner-strength they never knew existed. And by putting everything they have on the line, maybe, just maybe they will discover there really is such a thing as ‘happily ever after’.

Sounds pretty good right?
It was actually.  It was a cute story about 15 year old cousins that are named after princesses.  I can see girls of a few years younger enjoying this book.   Although there is a slip in language once and alot of talk of kissing.
For a while the whole story seems to revolve around the five cousins getting their first kisses (from the same boy!).  Then comes the plot twist... and where it goes from (MOVE ON prince charming) to (THANK GOD they are done).   The girls find out a girl from school put Dave (the kisser) up to kissing them all and finding out all their weaknesses.  She then uses those weaknesses to make them miserable at school. This is where the princesses have to figure out how to overcome the weaknesses and prove their are awesome!
The beginning and the end were great.  The middle felt drawn out.  It seemed to last forever.  If I had a book instead of my kindle I think I would have probably skipped pages to move it along faster.  There was some humor and I actually laughed out loud (late at night almost waking up my family!).

One of my favorite scenes is when Belle is super mad at Dave.  She runs outside and is standing and waiting.
Here is the scene:
"Are you waiting for someone?" Dave asked, holding his hand out to display the empty road.
"A car, a train, a bus, I don't care at this point."
"To hitchhike?" Dave asked.
"No! I'm going to push you in front of it!

Another one I liked..
"We're done being teased. This time, we're going to fight back," Aurora added.
"Just so long as nobody gets hurt," Dana said.
"Guess we'll have to get rid of the lighter fluid then," Ariel said.
Dana whipped around so fast in her chair that the car swerved and barely missed a collision with the car in the next lane.
"Mom! She's joking!" Cinderella said.

These little glimmers of humor combined with a memory of wanting to fit in with the crowd were what pushed me through the middle part to an enjoyable ending.

Hope my rambling didn't give away the whole story and my reviews are getting somewhat more readable. :)

Happy reading!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ebooks... a slight rant

I have a kindle, a kindle app on my phone, an old sony ebook reader, and my kids have a kindle and a nook.  We have all kinds of means to read in this house.  Including 10 full size bookshelves double stacked and many more smaller stacks in the kids rooms.  There are no excuses for not reading at my house.  That being said.....
I do not like ebooks.
OMG did I just say that!  Yes, I did.  I have thousands on my kindle so that totally makes me a hypocrit!  I realize this.  Sorry.
I will read on my kindle.  Matter of fact I am reading a book now.  Maybe a review to come.
But there is NOTHING like having a book in your hand.  My daughters hand me the kindle back after playing subway surfer after I ask them if they want to read a book.  They head down to the library and pick up a book... or run off to their rooms to hide.  Sigh.
Here is my problem.  There are sooo many books on kindle.  Free ebooks everywhere.  Everyone is saying here read my book and review it.  Win this ebook in this contest.  I need so many downloads on Amazon.  And I do.  I download them.  Then they are swallowed up in my kindle.  I can't figure out what to read. I don't remember what book it is or why I wanted it.  With a real book I can see it. I can pick it up.  I can read the cover.  Maybe even sniff it or crack the spine.

Give me a real book any day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Goodbye Witch... No I'm not leaving.. I'm reading..

So recently I won a book in a blog giveaway.  Woohoo.  I love getting fresh new crisp books in the mail!  I love it even more when it happens in the summer when I can hide and read it.  My kids love reading... just not mom reading.  I do have to admit I feel really bad.  I can't remember which blog it was!  (gasp)  I will look for it and link to it when I find it.  Yeah, I am redeemed.  I found it.  Stuff and Nonsense  Go check it out!  She does easy to read reviews and giveaways so you can read them too.

I loved this book.  Its the 4th book in the Wishcraft series by Heather Blake.  You can find it on goodreads or on amazon.

Here's the blurb on the back.
Darcy's closet friend and fellow witch, Starla Sullivan, hoped she'd never lay eyes on her ex-husband, Kyle, again.  Two years ago he tried to kill her, and he's been a fugitive ever since.  Now Starla claims to have spotted him back in the Enchanted Village, but it seems she's the only one who can see him.  To everyone else, her ex is invisible.
Darcy only wishes his motives were as transparent as the rest of him.  Since the police can't arrest someone they can't see, it's up to Darcy to find the secret behind Kyle's latest disappearing act -- before he does something they can't see coming...

I now need books 1-3 as I love this author.  I'm a cozy-mystery person.  But its the cozies that are about books and magic that really pull me in.  This one had magic. The town Enchanted Village is very well named.  Every shop (almost) in the town is run by people who specialize in that department.. in a magical way.  I don't really want to go into detail about what happens in the book.. I mean its in the description and that kinda gives away the ending.  The whole who-dun-it part.  Its very well written and honestly you aren't completely sure who is the bad guy in the book.  The person you think is bad isn't really bad and everything is sorta mixed up in a good way.   Okay, if that didn't run you off, then go pick up the book and read it.  You'll see what I mean.
Loved it!

This is my first book review on here.  I'm sure it needs some work.  Suggestions (nicely worded) are always appreciated.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Restarting Homeschool


         Its been nearly 4 years since I have home schooled any of my children.  My daughter was diagnosed with vestibular auditory and visual disorders.  That was a mouthful.  Basically it means that she has trouble with noises and seeing moving objects.  They make her feel nauseous.  So public school is not right for her while she is going through therapy.  For now we have signed up through K12.  Its a long, almost painful process but if they provide everything and she works well with it, then we will take it.
          BUT after hearing so many negative reviews, I have decided to make a backup curriculum "just in case".  So I'm book marking links and sharing them with you.  We are on a budget so I'm looking for free or inexpensive 3rd grade level secular options.  I'm going to share some here, too.  And you are more than welcome to share some in the comments if you see any!

My first share is a link to a complete 10 week poetry unit..

Here's to a good homeschool experience!