Monday, July 21, 2014

Ebooks... a slight rant

I have a kindle, a kindle app on my phone, an old sony ebook reader, and my kids have a kindle and a nook.  We have all kinds of means to read in this house.  Including 10 full size bookshelves double stacked and many more smaller stacks in the kids rooms.  There are no excuses for not reading at my house.  That being said.....
I do not like ebooks.
OMG did I just say that!  Yes, I did.  I have thousands on my kindle so that totally makes me a hypocrit!  I realize this.  Sorry.
I will read on my kindle.  Matter of fact I am reading a book now.  Maybe a review to come.
But there is NOTHING like having a book in your hand.  My daughters hand me the kindle back after playing subway surfer after I ask them if they want to read a book.  They head down to the library and pick up a book... or run off to their rooms to hide.  Sigh.
Here is my problem.  There are sooo many books on kindle.  Free ebooks everywhere.  Everyone is saying here read my book and review it.  Win this ebook in this contest.  I need so many downloads on Amazon.  And I do.  I download them.  Then they are swallowed up in my kindle.  I can't figure out what to read. I don't remember what book it is or why I wanted it.  With a real book I can see it. I can pick it up.  I can read the cover.  Maybe even sniff it or crack the spine.

Give me a real book any day.

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