Thursday, July 3, 2014

Restarting Homeschool


         Its been nearly 4 years since I have home schooled any of my children.  My daughter was diagnosed with vestibular auditory and visual disorders.  That was a mouthful.  Basically it means that she has trouble with noises and seeing moving objects.  They make her feel nauseous.  So public school is not right for her while she is going through therapy.  For now we have signed up through K12.  Its a long, almost painful process but if they provide everything and she works well with it, then we will take it.
          BUT after hearing so many negative reviews, I have decided to make a backup curriculum "just in case".  So I'm book marking links and sharing them with you.  We are on a budget so I'm looking for free or inexpensive 3rd grade level secular options.  I'm going to share some here, too.  And you are more than welcome to share some in the comments if you see any!

My first share is a link to a complete 10 week poetry unit..

Here's to a good homeschool experience!

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