Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Homeschooling and Snow.

Do you homeschool on snow days?

Well yes, technically.  We have a unique situation.  Not unique maybe but not the most common homeschool situation.  My oldest and youngest are in public school.  My middle child is the one I homeschool.  So on snow days all three kids are home.  And when all three are home, no one wants to do school work.  AHHHHH.  I compromise.  I do little bits of homeschool work that she can take to her room.  We don't do formal lessons like we would normally do.

Today was actually a snow day.  See.  Actually the last two weeks have been snow weeks.  And because we live in the south of the us, our state is totally unprepared to deal with snow so everything shuts down.   That's okay because I feel safer with all three kids home and not out riding on icy roads.  Unfortunately the two children that go to public school are not so happy being home.  They are very social, outgoing children that   enjoy the school environment.  My middle daughter is not.  She's more like her mom.  :)

So on homeschooling on snow days.  We do alot of math worksheets and practical life skills.  They bake.  Measuring out ingredients for recipes, learning to fold and put away laundry, lots and lots of reading, lots of documentary videos (thank you netflix and youtube), and art (love pinterest!).  I could go on with a big list.  Once the snow is gone and school starts back we will go back to our regular homeschool list.

Hope you are all enjoying your week!

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