Sunday, May 31, 2015

Homeschool Book Haul!

All the kids were gone this weekend!  So hubby and I had some time to go exploring and spending some time alone.  After a long day of exploring and riding around, he took me to the bookstore.  Sweet, sweet man!

SO I bought homeschool materials!

Here is what I purchased.
First picture I bought my daughter a new clipboard for .99c and the goodwill.  You just don't know how long we searched for a cute clipboard two years ago before school started!  Her favorite color is green so this was an awesome score for us.  Utopia we purchased from Amazon.  The rest came from a local used book store.  The workbooks were only $3 a piece and the other books were .75c each.  I was thrilled.

This set all came from the local used book store.  Top two are more for me than my daughter.  But I did see a section in the Unsolved Mysteries book about Amelia Earhart that I think she may be interested in.  

The paperbacks are all (except the hamster one) about famous women.  After watching a tv show where they commented that a woman did something first but a man was given recognition for this thing, my daughter was rather aggravated.  lol  So I picked up some books on famous women for her to learn about.  If you know of more famous women that I can look for material on, leave me a comment below.  I will definitely look them up!  The other books on the top right are big books from the Oology series by Zoticus de Lesseps.  We have almost the complete series.  These we picked up at the local used curriculum sale for $4 each.  They are awesome though.  They contain flaps you open and letters and more.

These are most of the things we picked up.  I still need a science curriculum.  Math I have covered.  And we have plenty of books in our home library to keep us busy.  If you would like a tour of our home library let me know and I will see what I can do. :)

Blessed Be.

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