Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer School.. And a Homeschool Room!

Our homeschool hasn't really ended yet much to my daughter's dismay.
I still have half a math workbook I want her to complete.  I also started her on 
an explode the code book.  You can see/purchase it here if you want to know more about Explode The Code.  I am hoping it will help her work on her thinking skills.  My daughter is slightly ADD and very reluctant to do work on her own.  She wants someone to read her the instructions and explain them.  While I don't mind doing this for some of the more confusing ones, I think at 9 she should be a little more independent than she is.  Two subjects all summer with lots of reading thrown in hopefully will get us back on track and keep those skills fresh for next year.  

This is probably a very unpopular opinion but I think year round schooling (gasp!) is actually a good idea (oh no she didn't!).  Kids lose so much over the summer.  I've noticed that homeschoolers I follow seem to share this opinion more than public schoolers.  Disclaimer:  I have kids in public school AND homeschooling. 

I am also really excited to start work on our homeschool room.  I've cleaned out most everything.  I hope to paint this weekend or next.  Then start moving stuff around to see where everything will go.  Its not a big room.  Just a smaller spare bedroom.  But I'm content to have a room (with a door I can shut) with her desk and mine and all of our material in one area.  I hope this encourages us both to stay on task better next year.  I will be taking pictures to post on the blog as soon as I get the painting started.  Maybe a video tour too. 

Just had to share!  Hope you all are having an awesome summer.  Blessed Be!

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