Sunday, June 21, 2015

Art project!

Taking a break from organizing, decluttering, and moving furniture for a bit of fun.  My girls and I found a cute video on youtube about decorating a teen girl's room.  While my girls are not that old some of the things were too cute to not do. So at 11 pm last night we decided to do one!  Here you go.

First we used painters tape to mark off the letters that we wanted to spell out on our canvas.  This took several tries as rounded letters are too hard for 8-9 year olds to do.  These took mom a few minutes to get right!

Next you paint the design you like and let it dry. 

Then peel off the paint.  Super easy and super cute!

And mom made one too after the girls were done making a mess... I mean creating art!

Mine will go in the homeschool room when its done!

Blessed Be!

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