Thursday, June 4, 2015

Garden Beds and Rabbit Poop

Note:  Apparently I did this post once and somehow deleted it!  Grr..  So here it is again.

My garden this year is much smaller than in previous years.  I planted everything from seeds that I had put up.  Some of them didn't sprout and others died before hardening.  :(  This is a skill I have to work on.

Here are the tomatoes that made it. :)  The other plant is a pickling cucumber that was very determined.  It was actually one of the ones I killed.  I poured the dirt back into the garden bed and it sprouted back up!

Here is a bigger picture of my raised garden bed.  The rabbit hutch is over the bed so that the rabbit poop can be spread in the garden all year long. :)
We do have plans to build a better more leak resistant hutch in the future but for now our homemade hutch works well.  In case you are curious, there are two lion head rabbits in there.  I will try to get a good picture after I spring clean their home.  In the winter we had boards to the outside to protect them from the elements.  I took two sides off and the weather decided thunderstorms were needed.  So I will get out there and finish up when the weather cooperates.

And here is another couple of cucumber plants that I placed along the fence line in hopes of getting them to grow up the fence.  Hopefully the blackberry bushes already occupying a portion of the fence don't try to hog the fence. ;)

Hope you enjoyed the little garden post.  Blessed Be!

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