Saturday, June 20, 2015

Homeschool Room Series. Part 1

One of my summer projects is to convert my yardsale room into a homeschool room for daughter.   First let me explain what I mean by yardsale room. Basically it's the dumping room for all the things I sell online. Unfortunately sales have been down and I have way to much.  It was out of control. So I sorted and toted up what I plan to keep. To sell online later or actually have a real yardsale.  That in itself took a week.  No I didn't take pictures. It's ridiculous really.. I promise. So anyway I cleared it out and took almost everything out. What I didn't have  room to relocate I pushed to the center and covered.  That's when the fun began.
Started with spackling.  It's a basement room that my daughter picked a very bright green for when it was her room and the people before us were very hard on these walls. I did A LOT of patching. First lesson I learned was to put the spackling on thin. My wrist still hurts from sanding yesterday.   Ugh. Second coat was way easier. ;-)
Then came washing the walls. Where did all these cobwebs come from?  

Now I am painting. I have two fabulous helpers for this job. 

Next came the bookshelf relocation. I have a home library/office where my desk and bookshelves are located.  I have 11 bookcases in my library.  Three of these were relocated in our new homeschool room.  My homeschool books were scattered through these 11 bookcases.  Yes, I know.  It was a long process and I didn't take any pictures of that part.  
I finally finished that part then sorted all the books on the shelves except the school books that I know for sure we will be using this year.  Those will be on a different bookcase.  So here is the bookshelf wall so far.  

 Before books!

After sorting books!

Now to start on the other wall.  The chest in the middle is our time capsule.  It has all the kids baby clothes and things that I've kept for all three of them over the years. I'm in the process of making a seat cushion to fit there for a reading nook.  I have so many plans.  Next up is my daughter's new desk.  It should be here next week!  More updates coming soon.

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