Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Update on Homeschooling a Bipolar Child - Transition into Public School

Its been a long time since I posted the homeschooling a bipolar child article.  I would say its time for an update.

My son is now going into 10th grade in public high school.  He homeschooled from mid-1st grade through 5th grade.  Around 4th grade he asked me to let him go back in middle school.  We discussed it.  I had always said I wanted him to go to high school if he wanted.  I thought the variety of classes and shorter classes would work better for his ADHD.  In a way it was.  In a lot of ways it wasn't.  We struggle on a week to week basis.  With his ADHD he craves a lot more social interaction and activities than the homeschool community in our area provides.  And honestly last year was the first time I actually became aware that there is a homeschool co-op in our area.  A very small one.  Public school provides that interaction.  The problems start with his bipolar and anxiety kicking in.  His moods are a bit scary for other kids I assume.  He can be happy and joking around then mad as a hornet.  Its progressed into punching a wall and breaking his hand twice in middle school.  Middle school was rough.  I do not recommend sending your child to middle school.  That is my opinion.  Do what you will. :)
So far high school has been easier.  It may also be due to his age and maturity.  Things are calming down.  We've tweaked medication and had visits with the guidance counselor.

I am very glad I homeschooled him.  I can look back on those years with fondness now.  I can say that being home helped him develop manners and his intelligence.  I'm sure all those years were not always fun.  Matter of fact I know there was stressful days and I quit days.  I wouldn't take them back.   Some days I miss it and think it would be nice to have him back home.  But for now he is doing well.  Three more years and he will graduate.  How time flies.

For now I will homeschool my middle daughter and be happy that I have this experience with her.  I will also cherish my youngest daughter.  Didn't want you to think I was leaving her out. :)

Also.. if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.  I will try to answer as best as I can.

Blessed Be.

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