Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Real confession time..

Sometimes I look on facebook and see all these posts with parents and happy teens taking selfies or doing cool stuff... and frankly I feel like a failure.  My mood swing happy teenager doesn't like to do these things.  He hates going out and doing things.  Shopping?  OH heck no.  Skating? Are you trying to kill me MOM?   Walking at a local beautiful park?  Uhm not a chance.  Swimming?  HAHAHAHA.  Sit at home and play Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed?  Okay see ya later mom, have fun.  Sometimes I am even brave and drag him out of the house.

Today I took (cough cough.. DRUG) him and his sisters to a local beautiful walking park nature preserve.  I mean it's shaded, has water access, lots of bridges, and its great.  Who could ask for more?!

See, isn't it gorgeous.

Nope, he wouldn't even walk with us.  Parked his self on a picnic table and read for the whole hour.  But at least when we left, he was in a better mood.  Even joked.  Some days I wonder...

Then I remember I can't compare my life to the pictures people post on facebook.  They are moments in time.  We all have happy moments in time.  I will just keep trying.  Maybe next time.

How do you get your teen out of the house?

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