Thursday, October 1, 2015

Human Body - A Girls 4th Grade Mini Lesson

My 9 year old daughter has developed quite a bit of curiosity about the human body.  She isn't the type to ask a lot of questions.  She is the type to read books about them and then discuss what she finds questionable, relatable or interesting.

The American girl series has been one of her favorite go-to series.  You can find these here.  Our local library has most of them.  You could check yours.  I found a few online at the above link and a few used at a local bookstore.  They were a good beginner series for her.  Then she moved on to The Period Book.  This one is a bit more graphic and in detail.  Parents need to look at this book before you let your child.  I'm comfortable with her looking at it.

The last book I picked up for her brother but she commandeered was You: The Owner's Manual for Teens.  If you want inside pictures or a flip through, let me know and I will post one on youtube for everyone.  Its actually too big and detailed for her.  I think she just flips through it and picks up parts that she finds interesting.  As she grows older I think it will be more useful.

These books have led to body part discussions and more researching.  We have two body books that have big pullouts in them.  These were great.  One was big enough that she could lay beside it and it was the same size.  She refused to be in the picture. :)

Amazon has the Pull-out, Pop-up Body in a Book used for .4c (3.99 shipping) at the time of posting it.


The inside of the skeleton is awesome too.  There are flaps for the body organs.  We lifted and named most of the them.  We then talked about why one side was bone and the other was pink.  I explained they were muscles.

That was our mini (2 hours) lesson on girl health and the human body.
Hope you have a blessed week!

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