Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ancient Egypt Unit

I am currently uploading a new video to youtube on our ancient Egypt unit I am putting together.

We started reading the Story of the World vol. 1 after Christmas break.  After pre-reading some chapters to see what the content is, I found that I like the layout of the chapters. I thought this would make it easy to change into units or just to add extra lessons.  I also have the activity book to go along with it but my daughter isn't too fond of worksheets.  Of course that won't stop me from throwing some in now and then.

What I did was write down a note about what each chapter's focus was.
Chapter 2 is the story of Osiris and Isis so I wrote Gods
Chapter 3 is Hieroglyphs
Chapter 4 is Mummies
Chapter 5 is Pyramids

From there there I pulled out all the books relating to those topics and Egypt in general.. No that is a lie.  First thing I did was go to Amazon and look for activities.  I'm a kid at heart.  I love hands on things.  I almost bought two of each so I would have one to do!  I ordered these two.

Egypt Mummy Excavation Kit

Scientific Explorer Our Amazing Mummies Model Kit

Ok back to all the books. I pulled all our Egypt themed material.  The next step was watching youtube Egypt units videos to see what we might like then hitting up the library.

Here is a break down of all the books I am optimistic about using:

Tales From Ancient Egypt - Roger Lancelyn Green

People of the Nile: Rhythms of Daily Life - Don Nardo

Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors An Activity Guide - Marian Broida

Science in Ancient Egypt - Geraldine Woods

Mummies Made in Egypt - Aliki

3-D Thrillers! Mummies 

Mummies, Bones, and Body Parts - Charlotte Wilcox

Make History Ancient Egypt - Nancy Fister and Charlene Olexiewicz

Crafts From the Past The Egyptians (Chick-fil-A book)

Creative Fun Egyptian Activity Book - Sue and Steve Weatherill

Ralph Masiello's Ancient Egypt Drawing Book

Pyramids! 50 Hands-on Activities to Experience Ancient Egypt

Tutankhamun - Robert Green

Adventures in Ancient Egypt - Linda Bailey

Cleopatra - Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema

Wow.. now that is a huge list.  They are all linked to Amazon if you want to check them out.  Most of them you can find for .01 used on the amazon market place.  Its my favorite place to buy books.

I almost forgot our read aloud book.
The Magnificent Mummy Maker - Elvira Woodruff

(Note.. My 8 and 9 year old LOVED this read aloud!)

I am a little excited to be studying Egypt.. It was always my favorite subject in school.  I don't know about my daughter but Christmas break did wonders for me.  I feel ready to get school going full blast.

You can check also out the video I did on all this on our youtube channel if you are interested.

Blessed Be!

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