Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Book Haul 2016

I went book shopping again. Don't worry I used trade in credit for these.
After last week's Classics bookshelf tour I realized two things.
First thing is that I still have some classics packed up in one of these totes. There are about 13 BIG totes full of books waiting for our basement to one day be done so they can go back on bookshelves.
Second that I my classic's collection is pretty small and missing some books I really should own and have read. I am working on a list on goodreads of classics I need and I bought some while I was out.
I also picked up a few other books too. ;)
Any suggestions for classics I need to pick up?
Here is a link to my goodreads books I want to pick up:
And here is the link to the shelf of ones I know I own:
I'm pretty sure I don't have all my books on that list.. but that is a task for another day.
Let me know what I need to add to my classic's collection!

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