Saturday, December 9, 2017

Homeschool Update

   This past week has been a stressful but fruitful week.  My 10 year old daughter who has always been in public school finally convinced her father that she really did want to homeschool.  After fighting with the school for the past month over their pushing religious readings and music on her class, we decided that it was time to bring her home.  Next week all three of my children will be homeschooling.  My oldest, who is 17 has made some decisions of his own too.  Next week he will turn 18 and he can make those decisions and I can't really stop him.  Sigh.

   Now I need to pull together a 5th grade curriculum.  The difficult part will be finding where she was academically in school and find that point in materials.  The great part is that its almost Christmas break so I will have time to pull it all together. 

   Let me ask this to you parents, do you think that the public school material goes faster through curriculum than the home school books.  I'm finding that 5th grade homeschool materials are things she has already covered.  I handed her a 6th grade math workbook to see if she could find something she was currently working on or hadn't done.  She handed it back after looking.  Nope, went over all that.  So I hand her a middle school book, there she finally found a couple things she hadn't covered. 
I realize it could just be the books I have.  But do you think that the grade level on homeschool books versus public school books are the same?  Let me know in the comments what you think.  Also I'm mainly referring to math in this instance. 

  Off to go through some more homeschool books to see what we have and what we will need.
Hope you all are having a wonderful Yule or Christmas or whatever you celebrate. 

Happy Yule!

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