Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mystery and Thriller Shelf Tour

I recently did a shelf tour of all the Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense books.  The first part is all the books I have on my bookshelf.  The second part are all the books stored in a tote until I have a place to put them.  We had a flood a few years ago and although we had someone come install a sump pump and the protective stuff on the walls, our basement isn't finished.  I have weeded and decluttered quite a few books since then but I still have quite a few books stored in totes.  Hopefully in the next few years we will either to decide to purchase the house we live in and fix the basement or move somewhere that we don't have to gut and fix so I can just install bookshelves and have all my books on display.  What an amazing thing.  You don't appreciate what you have until its gone.  I do miss all the bookshelves that were ruined in the flood.   Sigh. 
Onward to the books! 

Thanks for watching!  Hope you enjoyed.  

Let me know if you have any recommendations for me.  I really enjoy thrillers and have read quite a few that I no longer have on my shelf.  

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