Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Senior Homeschool Schedule

Let's jump straight to his classes before I start explaining and chatting about his year, I will save that for another post. Before I do, though, let me say that his credits are enough to graduate in the state of Tennessee but may not be all the credits he would need to start college without taking remedial classes or extra testing.  We are aware of this and after much discussion decided that graduating with a diploma was more important than being college ready.  You will have to decide that with your own child.

So here we go.  He needed 5 more credits to graduate.  

These are the classes and resources we chose together.
Links are to Amazon unless otherwise stated.

Barron's E-Z Business Math - Calvin Goozner

Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide - Dinah L. Moche

English 12 which has consisted of reading books and doing accumulated worksheets that I actually don't have any links to but are all from a grade 12 book I've had from years ago.  I will include one of the books and resources we did use.  We read Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe and used this website as a jumping off point for discussions and lesson plans.

World Mythology The link will take you to the video I did on the books we purchased for that unit if you are interested in that. Currently we are reading and working from D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths - Ingri D'Aulaires'.

And lastly a Photography 101 course through UniversalClass.
Our public library offers a free subscription to a couple different online course websites and language learning websites so always check your public library first to see if that is a free option for you.  I'm even taking a couple courses on it too.  One of which is psychology. 

And that is all the courses he has been working on this semester.  

I'll have another homeschooling post coming up soon.  
Thanks for reading.

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