Saturday, May 12, 2018

Summer Romance Book 2018 Bingo!

Summer Romance Book Bingo was started by Not Just Romance Novels on youtube and I'm joining in!  This just sounds like fun to me.  I love romance books anyway and this would be a great way to challenge myself to read more than my normal historical romance books.  

It officially starts June 1st and runs through August.
You can watch her announcement video with all the information HERE.  
Cohosting with her is Sissy from Romance Queen of Booktube.

Below is her link to the bingo cards.  Refresh to move the squares around until you find a board you like. 

Bingo Card:

This is the board I chose and I've chosen the first line I want to complete.  After that I don't know what I will go for next. :)  There will be a whole summer to work on it.  So join if you want!  

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Happy Reading!

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